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Below are titles of items written as "Daily Devotion" articles. They are listed in the order in which they were written, beginning in the left column and reading downward. Click on the topic to go to the archive containing that article. Bernie Parsons

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Daily Devotions Topical Archive

God Is Love

For Good To Them That Love God

Read of All Men

The Mind Of Christ

Let No Man Deceive Himself

Save A Soul

Changed Into The Same Image

Kind, Tenderhearted, Forgiving

Forgive Men

Ought Against Any

Seventy Times Seven

Confess Your Faults

That You Be Not Judged

She Loved Much

Be The Children Of Your Father

Charity Shall Cover The Multitude Of Sins

Let Us Love One Another

If You Love Me

His Commandments Are Not Grievous

Walk In Newness Of Life

Walk In The Light

The Light Shines In Darkness

He Cares For You

The Greatest Of These

And Have Not Charity

Saved By Faith

Be Ye Holy

Impossible For God To Lie

Put On The New Man

Washing Of Regeneration

The Sons Of God

We Are The Children of God

As A Little Child

Become As Little Children

He That Shall Humble Himself

God Resists The Proud

Humble Yourselves

Preferring One Another

Do Ye Even So To Them 

His Life Is Taken

Call The Poor

The Lowest Room

Lest He Fall

Love Thy Neighbor

Save Yourselves

Blinded Minds

Not Ashamed

Not Hearers Only

Not Everyone Who Says, "Lord, Lord"

Awake To Righteousness

Sin Not

Will You Be Missed?

Things Above

Think On These Things

Where Your Treasure Is

Jerusalem Which Is Above

All In All

One Body

The Name of Jesus

Worthy Is The Lamb

Whereby We Must Be Saved

That They May All Be One

One Fold And One Shepherd

The Word Was Made Flesh

Before Abraham Was, I Am

Known By The Church

Whoso Keepeth His Word

Deceitfulness of Sin

Servants of Corruption

Called Unto Liberty

Wherein I Delighted Not

For Sin...Deceived Me

Servants of Sin

He That Is Not With Me

He Is A Liar

All Liars

The Spirit Of Truth

When Lust Hath Conceived

Wages of Sin

War Against The Soul

All Have Sinned

Rebellious Children

Born Of God

Born Again

Buried With Him

Wash Away Thy Sins

Washing Of  Regeneration

Yet Learned He Obedience

The Children Of God

All Unrighteousness Is Sin

Yet Without Sin

Who Did No Sin

Depart From Me

Earthly, Sensual, Devilish

Show Thyself Approved

Learn Of  Me

Sword Of The Spirit

This Is The Condemnation

He Hath Not Believed

Saving Of  The Soul

Abide In His Love


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A New Commandment

The Fearful


House Upon A Rock

In Deed And In Truth

In The Name Of The Lord

Consider One Another

Fruits Of  Righteousness

Think On These Things

Gentle Among You

Easy To Be Intreated

Blessed Are The Merciful

Nothing By Partiality

Full Of Hypocrisy

If  Ye Do These Things

Virtue Went Out Of Him

Knowledge Of His Will

Temperate In All Things



Be Kindly Affectioned

I Am Nothing

If These Things Be In You

His Elect

Make Your Calling & Election Sure

Any Other Gospel

Many False Prophets

Deceiving, And Being Deceived

Beware Of False Prophets

They Lie In Wait

He Gave Not God The Glory

Itching Ears

Abraham Obeyed

Giving Of Thanks

Measuring Themselves By Themselves

Does God Approve Of Abortion?

Does God Approve Of Homosexuality?

Christians And Government

Before Kings & Rulers

Counting The Cost

He Cannot Be My Disciple

Let Him Deny Himself

The Whole Family

Brotherly Love

Be Ye Warmed & Filled

Serve One Another

Am I My Brother's Keeper?

Entertain Strangers

Love Your Enemies

Harmless As Doves

Resist Not Evil

Weapons Of Our Warfare

Peaceable Life

The Way Of Peace

Will Of God

My Words In Your Heart

Bring Them Up

Rod Of Correction

Husbands, Love Your Wives

Wives, Submit Yourselves

Two Shall be One

Adam Was First Formed

With All Subjection

Your Daughters Shall Prophesy

Certain Women

Neither Male Nor Female

Neither Is

Giving Honor

They Brought Young Children

Render Therefore Unto Caesar

Servants, Be Obedient

Just, And Equal

Touch Not, Taste Not, Handle Not

Eat All Things

I...Will Draw All Men

The Light Of Life

Dayspring From On High

Children Of Light

Light Of The World

All Things Are Of God

The Kingdom Of God Is Within

Jerusalem Which Is Above

To Every Creature

Is Christ Divided?

There Is One Body

Father, Son, & Holy Ghost

All Things

All Things Through Christ

I Am

Sharper Than Any Twoedged Sword

Help Thou My Unbelief

Ask In Faith

Ask, And Ye Shall Receive

To The Jew First

A Remnant

He Is A Jew

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem!

To Be Burned

One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism

One Lord


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To All Men

Which Must Shortly Come To Pass

It Is The Last Time

Open The Book

Abomination Of Desolation


Great Tribulation

Day Of The Lord

This Generation

Your Father, The Devil

Whose Voice Then Shook The Earth

Resist The Devil

Every Man...Purifieth Himself

Depart From Iniquity

Many Shall Be Purified

This Is My Blood

Show The Lord's Death

A Question...Of Purifying

The Pure In Heart

Golden Wedge Of Ophir

Pure Religion

The Mind Of Christ

In One Word

Things Above

Peculiar People

Root Of All Evil

Power To Get Wealth

Well Done

Eat, Drink, And Be Merry

You Cannot Serve God & Mammon

Visit The Fatherless & Widows

The Poor Always With You

Another's Wealth

Daily Ministration

Do Good Unto All

In Store

Collection For The Saints

A Matter Of Bounty

The Laborer Is Worthy

They Who Labor In The Word

Power To Get Wealth

That There May Be Equality

Not Slothful In Business

Having Compassion

Ruler Over Many Things

Faithful And Wise Steward

My Beloved Son

Savior Of The Body

Hear Ye Him

Live By Faith

Milk Of The Word

One Of These Little Ones

In The Spirit Of Meekness

Your Minister

A Good Work

The Head Of The Church


Members In Particular

Search The Scriptures

Follow Me

Into All The World

Salt Of The Earth

A Little Leaven


Newness Of Spirit

Vain Worship

Increase Our Faith

One Body In Christ

Preach The Gospel

House To House

Obey God

Suffer Persecution

In The Womb


The Hoary Head

One Generation To Another

Having Compassion

Full Of Compassion



Judge Not

Righteous Judgment

Learn In Silence

Outward Adorning

Rejoice Evermore

In Remembrance Of Me


High Time

The Building is Not The Church

What Is The Church Of Christ?

History Of The Church

Belief Systems

Hermeneutics: Logical Deduction

Resume Restoration

Five Steps To Salvation?

What's In A Name?

We Constantly Worship God

The Assembly

Five Items of Worship?


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