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Copyright by Bernie Parsons  ©1998 - 2011

From time to time, I have thoughts! Do you? Here are some of mine:

I have never known silence when alone. If I am not someplace where I am being serenaded by the wind in the trees, the songs of birds, the chirp of insects, then I am in a place where my thoughts and memories provide a constant stream of conversation in my head. On rare occasions that I am able to still those, the voice of God whispers quietly in my heart.

What person, promised the richest treasure ever imagined, would not spend his whole life studying the treasure map, trying to locate those riches? What greater treasure is there, than eternal life in God's house

What person, surrounded by raging flames, would not try to find the exit in order to evade a fiery demise? The Lord has promised that, with every temptation that we face, He has provided an escape route.

Someone told me when I was but a teenager that the older I would get, the more of my questions would get answered, and the smaller the world would become to me. Instead, I find that the more questions that get answered, the more questions that I have, and the world has become larger to me.

We all live in hope. Life is tedious without hope. Many descend into despair without hope. Some say that hope is not reality, but I say that hope often produces reality. That for which we hope, we work to achieve. Let us hope, and work to achieve our hopes.

We all have dreams. Our dreams and hopes are intertwined. When we dare to hope, we dare to dream. When we live in hope, we work toward our dreams. Let us have the courage to dream, and the strength to hope that our dreams will come true.

Too many carry the baggage of guilt and the burden of sorrow. They despair of life. I urge all to lay down the guilt and the sorrow, and live in hope! Dare to dream!

I like to eat, and I like to talk. I like to talk more than I like to eat. My ideal situation is to have an enjoyable and stimulating conversation during a good meal.

What do I want for Christmas? To see the smiling faces of my happy family gathered about me.

God gives boldness and courage to the young, and caution to the aged and wise. When we couple the courage of youth with the wisdom of age, we can accomplish much good in this life!

Life consists not of things, but of relationships. Unfortunately, many people form too-strong relationships with things!

A man's life is like that of the dandelion: first he is full of the bloom of youth; a day or two later he is white-headed; the next day he is bald; and then he withers and is gone.

There are no old people--only young minds trapped in worn out bodies!

The pessimist whines that the glass is half-empty, while the optimist exults that the glass is half-full. I am a realist--I want to know why the contents are at half, and where the other half went--and how to refill the glass to the brim!

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best, and life will throw you few surprises!

Not only are you identified by the company that you keep, but your life is shaped by it!

Yesterday is merely a memory, tomorrow exists in the imagination...we only have today!

Just because you can do something does not mean that you should do it!

Just because you know something does not mean that you should tell it.

I thank God to be alive, every day!

No matter my own situation, I have always found someone worse off than myself! (My mother, Opal Kidd Parsons Harvey, taught me that one!)

Success belongs to victors, not victims!

Pleasure comes from giving, not receiving!

Happiness comes from within, and is born of personal contentment!

Misery results when we despair of what we don't have, rather than being thankful for what we do have!

You cannot say whether you can or cannot do something unless you first try.

Copyright ©1998 -2008 by Bernie Parsons


Lofty Sights

The road before seems all uphill,
There is no end in sight.
Just catch your breath, and push ahead,
It’s going to be alright!

Why do you think there is this road
That reaches such great heights?
Others forged along this way,
Eyes set on distant sights.

So catch your breath, and push along,
With gladness in your soul:
The journey soon will reach its end,
And you’ll have reached your goal!

©07/22/98 by Bernie Parsons

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Give God The Glory!

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