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Notes To Young Preachers

Sermon Writing & Delivery


Love Series

God Is Love

My Beloved Son

No Greater Love

Complete Love

Love Your Enemies

Love Your Neighbor

Love The Brotherhood

The Greatest of These


Care of God Series

Old Testament Example

On Riches & Hard Work

Christian Charity Practices

Paul Shows A Way

On Preachers & Teachers


"Blessed Are" Series

Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit

Blessed Are They That Mourn

Blessed Are The Meek

Blessed Are They Who Hunger & Thirst For Righteousness

Blessed Are The Merciful

Blessed Are The Pure In Heart

Blessed Are The Peacemakers

Blessed Are The Persecuted


Dan Ridge Series   Sept 01-04, 2005

Thursday:  I Believe

Friday:  The Word Made Flesh

Saturday: The Blood Of Jesus

Sunday Morning  The Body Of Christ

Sunday Evening  The Ministry Of Jesus


Van Lear, KY, Sermon   September 01, 2002

Judgment Begins (At The House Of God)


Westwood Series   August 15-18, 2002

Thursday:  Are You A Christian?

Friday:  Your Own Worst Enemy

Saturday: What Is The Church Of Christ?

Sunday Morning  Following Afar Off

Sunday Evening  Preaching The Gospel


Covington Series    May 13-18, 2001

Sunday Morning:  Love the Brotherhood

Sunday Night:   The Valley Of The Dry Bones

Monday:   The Veil Upon The Heart

Tuesday: Is Christ Divided?

Wednesday:  Taking It To The Streets

Thursday:  Leadership Through Service

Friday: Father Of The Prodigal Son


South Shore Series   May 13-19, 2002

Monday:   A Need For Revival

Tuesday:  Every Word

Wednesday:  Let Both Grow Together

Thursday:  Roles Of God's Holy Spirit

Friday:  Need For Leadership

Saturday: Into All The World

Sunday Morning  Seven Abominations

12/20/2009 We Are The Lord's

12/06/2009 Weaning The Weak From The Milk

11/22/2009 Freedom In Christ

11/15/2009 The Leaven Of The Pharisees

11/08/2009 He Who Soweth Discord Among Brethren

11/01/2009 The Sabbath Day

10/18/2009 Forbid Him Not

09/27/2009 Time and Chance

09/20/2009 Behold My Mother And My Brethren

09/06/2009 How Well Do You Know Jesus?

09/04/2009 We Walk By Faith

08/23/2009 God Loves A Cheerful Giver

08/09/2009 Am I My Brother's Keeper?

07/26/2009 Destroyed For Lack Of Knowledge

07/12/2009 Gathering The Elect

06/28/2009 The Sign Of Jonah

06/14/2009 Disagreeing Without Being Disagreeable

05/31/2009 A Little Leaven...

05/17/2009 An Evil Generation

05/03/2009 Beware

04/19/2009 A Good Conscience

04/05/2009 The Least Of These

03/22/2009 Small Things

03/08/2009 What Do You Care About?

02/22/2009 You Are What You...

02/08/2009 Deny Yourself, And Follow Me

01/25/2009 Talk The Talk, Walk The Walk

01/11/2009 On Things Above

12/28/2008 Tis The Season

12/21/2008 Treasures Of The Heart

12/14/2008 Me - A Sinner

11/30/2008 And Such Like

11/02/2008 Rudiments Of The World

10/19/2008 Tempted In Every Point

09/14/2008 If I Were Dying

09/14/2008 Tabernacle Of God

09/07/2008 A Good Foundation

08/24/2008 Perfection: Maturity

08/10/2008 Alive In Christ

07/27/2008 Death - Cut Off

07/13/2008 Goat Or Sheep?

06/29/2008 Suffer The Little Children

06/22/2008 I Am the Life

06/08/2008 I Am the Truth

05/11/2008 I Am the Way

04/27/2008 The Ancient Gospel

09-07-2007 The Power of Two

03-2007 to 03-2008 Proverbs Study Series

03/04/2007 All Things Are Lawful

01/21/2007 Truth Shall Make You Free

01/07/2007 The Family God Intended

08/27/2006 One Gospel & Kingdom

08/13/2006 Body & Blood

07/30/2006 Edifying the Assembly

01/01/2006 Ekklesia-The Called Out

07/25/2004 The Perfect Church: The Church That I See In The Bible

The Perfect Church: The Church That Follows Jesus

06/22/2003  Heal & Restore 


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05/28/2017 Humility - A Contrite Spirit

Pride and Arrogancy

One Kingdom, One Gospel

04/16/2017 Out Of The Kingdom

04/02/2017 Into The Kingdom

03/19/2017 Living In The Kingdom

The Kingdom At Hand

Harden Not Your Hearts

Simplicity in Christ

The Peace of Christ

Enhancing Relationships

Good Tidings of Great Joy

Parents and Children version 2

Husbands and Wives version 2

The Head of Christ Is God

11/06/2016 Christians As Priests Of God

10/23/2016 Jesus - Chief Shepherd, High Priest and King

10/09/2016 One Sacrifice For All Time

The True Temple

Spiritual Maturity

When The Prisoner Is Set Free 

Spiritual Infancy

The Invisible Kingdom

07/31/2016 Members Of The Body

The Temple Of God

Entering The Kingdom Of God

When Did The Kingdom Come?

King of All

05/08/2016 Burial and Resurrection

Rejection and Mockery

Lifted Up

Love Amidst Hatred

Strength Amidst Weakness

Peace Amidst Turmoil

Joy Amidst Sorrow


They Will Kill You

Parables Of The Kingdom

Parable Of The Virgins

Parable Of The Talents

Parable Of The Sower

If Thy Brother Shall Trespass

10/25/2015 Teaching Daily

10/11/2015 Perfect Law of Liberty

Murmurings and Disputings

Good Works

The Roles of God's People

Tell Me More

What Do You Go Out To See?

07/19/2015 Be Angry And Sin Not

07/05/2015 The Nine Commandments

06/21/2015 Preaching The Gospel From The Old Testament

06/07/2015 All Scripture, Every Word

05/24/2015 The Four Gospels

05/10/2015 Fullness Of Times

Contentment As A Virtue

04/12/2015 What's In It For Me?

03/29/2015 The Day Of The Lord

03/15/2015 Judgment Days

03/01/2015 End Of An Age

02/08/2015 The Last Days

01/25/2015 Are Angels Among Us?

01/11/2015 Approved Of God

Mystery versus Revelation

The Glory Of God

A Living God

11/16/2014 I AM, They Are Not!

11/02/2014 The True And Living God

10/19/2014 It Is The Gift Of God

The Real Jew

09/21/2014 Children Of Promise

09/07/2014 People of the New Covenant

08/24/2014 People of the Covenant

A Special People

07/27/2014 Planted By The Waters

07/13/2014 Lest We Be Castaways

06/29/2014 A Reprobate Mind

06/22/2014 Good For Nothing

06/08/2014 Partakers Of The Root

05/25/2014 I Am The Vine

05/11/2014 Pain, Persecution And Want

04/27/2014 Repentance And Obedience

04/13/2014 The Younger Son

Faith With Works

03/16/2014 Doers, Not Hearers Only

03/02/2014 Be Not Weary In Well Doing

02/16/2014 Abound More And More

02/02/2014 Our Father's Children

01/19/2014 Parents and Children

01/05/2014 Husbands And Wives

12/29/2013 Finishing The Father's Work

12/15/2013 Swear Not At All

12/01/2013 Take Up Your Cross

11/17/2013 What Happened To Jesus

11/03/2013 The Meekness and Strength Of Jesus

10/20/2013 Be Ye All Of One Mind

10/06/2013 Faith, Hope and Charity

09/22/2013 The Hope That Is In You

09/08/2013 His Commandments Are Not Grievous

08/25/2013 From The Garden To The Cross

08/11/2013 God's Plan For Our Lives

07/28/2013 Victory In Jesus

07/14/2013 Some Things That God Loves

06/30/2013 Seven Things That God Hates

06/16/2013 Children Of The Day

06/02/2013 Having Itching Ears

05/19/2013 Ravening Wolves

05/052013 Tradition Of The Elders

04/21/2013 Follow Me, Said Jesus

04/07/2013 Christian - A Follower Of Christ

03/24/2013 An Example Of Suffering

03/10/2013 Boldly Unto The Throne

02/24/2013 The Battle Within

02/10/2013 From Weak To Strong

01/27/2013 The Strong And The Weak

01/13/2013 Blessings

12/30/2012 Good And Evil, Just And Unjust

12/23/2012 The Purposeful Body Of Christ

12/16/2012 The Church As The Body And Blood

12/09/2012 Communion Of The Blood And Body

11/25/2012 The Likeness Of His Resurrection

11/11/2012 The Gates Of Hell Shall Not Prevail

10/28/2012 The Things Which He Suffered

10/14/2012 Once Offered

09/30/2012 More, More About Jesus

09/16/2012 More About Jesus

09/07/2012 God Made It Simple For Us

09/02/2012 Jesus, Our Savior

08/19/2012 The Mystery Revealed

08/05/2012 Simplicity Of The Gospel

07/22/2012 The Dangers Of Idleness

07/08/2012 Replacing Our Thoughts With God's Thoughts

06/24/2012 Evil Imaginations

06/10/2012 Foolishness And Wisdom

05/27/2012 Are You This Or Are You That?

05/06/2012 Established In The Present Truth

04/22/2012 Forgiveness - Giving and Seeking

04/08/2012 Repentance To Salvation

03/25/2012 Let Us Cleanse Ourselves

03/11/2012 Subject To Like Passions

02/26/2012 Learn Of Me

02/12/2012 Zealous Of Good Works

01/29/2012 Purged For Use

01/15/2012 The Blood of Christ

12/25/2011 The Body of Christ

12/11/2011 The Body and Blood of Jesus

11/27/2011 False Prophets and Their Motivations

11/13/2011 Like-Minded

10/30/2011 What Does God Want?

10/16/2011 Be A Leader, Not A Commander

10/09/2011 Working Together

10/02/2011 Standing Together

09/18/2011 Taking A Stand

09/09/2011 Come, Let Us Reason Together

09/04/2011 Meekness Is Not Weakness

08/21/2011 They Shall Inherit The Land

08/07/2011 The Second Great Commandment

07/24/2011 The Greatest Commandment

07/10/2011 Called Out Of, And Into, What?

06/26/2011 Edification: Building Up

06/12/2011 Calvinism: Perseverance of the Saints

05/29/2011 Calvinism: Irresistible Grace

05/15/2011 Calvinism: Limited Atonement

05/01/2011 Calvinism: Total Depravity

04/17/2011 Calling and Election

04/03/2011 Predestination and Foreknowledge

03/20/2011 The Apostle Paul Consults The Apostles and Elders

03/06/2011 The Apostle Paul On Grace And The Law

02/20/2011 The Apostle Paul On Faith And The Law

02/06/2011 Maintain Good Works

01/23/2011 Blessed Are The Peacemakers

01/09/2011 When The Sheep Become The Shepherds

12/26/2010 If You Do These Things

12/12/2010 The End Of The Commandment Is Charity

11/28/2010 Brotherly Kindness

11/14/2010 Life And Godliness

10/31/2010 For Ye Have Need Of Patience

10/17/2010 Temperance: Against Such There Is No Law

10/03/2010 Out Of The Darkness, Into The Light

09/19/2010 Be Strong In The Lord

09/10/2010 Leave Them Alone

08/29/2010 The First And The Last

08/15/2010 Partakers Of The Divine Nature

08/01/2010 Putting On Christ

07/18/2010 Washed In The Blood

07/04/2010 The Role Of Christians

06/27/2010 The Rising Of The Son

06/13/2010 A Laborer Worthy Of His Hire

05/30/2010 Who Is My Neighbor?

05/14/2010 The Way Forward

05/02/2010 A Pattern Of Love And Service

04/18/2010 Serving God By Serving Each Other

04/04/2010 Personal Responsibility

03/21/2010 By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them

03/07/2010 Judge Not, That Ye Be Not Judged

02/21/2010 Of One Mind And Spirit

02/07/2010 Rightly Dividing: Staying True To The Pattern

01/17/2010 Rightly Dividing The Word Of Truth

01/03/2010 War Between Flesh And Spirit


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