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Bible Books Puzzler

Numbers of word puzzle buffs have enjoyed this little puzzler. If you love to compete, rise to the occasion! Here is the format, the way that this puzzle works: there are 26 names of Bible books hidden in this article. If you are a true bibliophile, monitor every line for clues. While finding nouns may be easy for a pro, verbs may be harder to locate. Truthfully, it can be a challenging job, although by a fluke, some answers leap from the page as if by revelation. For some people, no matter how many right answers they chose, at least one or more evaded them. The facts are that sometimes they were looking straight at an answer, and did not realize it! If your addiction to puzzle solving is chronic, less time will be spent solving this one. One woman gets so excited doing this puzzle that she brews herself a pot of herbal tea, mostly for its calming effects, before starting. If you decide to do the same, and your countertop or tabletop is Formica--handle the pot carefully! You can send any remarks about this puzzle to —just don’t burden me with your lamentations before you give it a really good try! For your troubles, there is the satisfaction of knowing that you found them all. My thanks to three people: first,  Christina, humble lady that she is, for helping with this puzzle;  second, John, who urged me on; and Joe, last, but not least, who inspired it. (There is a bonus 27th word for the diehard puzzle solvers--it is tricky, but before you go, see if you can find it! Unless you have good Bible knowledge already, forget it, use your time instead to read the Bible!)  Anyone who judges this puzzle to be unsolvable, and finds that they’re in a jam, essentially, can check the answers by clicking here. Don't cheat, try to find them first!

Books of the Old and New Testaments, in order,
with how many chapters each contains:

Old Testament

New Testament

Genesis 50 Matthew 28
Exodus 40 Mark 16
Leviticus 27 Luke 24
Numbers 36 John 21
Deuteronomy 34 The Acts 28
Joshua 24 Romans 16
Judges 21 I Corinthians 16
Ruth 4 II Corinthians 13
I Samuel 31 Galatians 6
II Samuel 24 Ephesians 6
I Kings 22 Philippians 4
II Kings 25 Colossians 4
I Chronicles 29 I Thessalonians 5
II Chronicles 36 II Thessalonians 3
Ezra 10 I Timothy 6
Nehemiah 13 II Timothy 4
Esther 10 Titus 3
Job 42 Philemon 1
Psalms 150 Hebrews 13
Proverbs 31 James 5
Ecclesiastes 12 I Peter 5
The Song of Solomon 8 II Peter 3
Isaiah 66 I John 5
Jeremiah 52 II John 1
Lamentations 5 III John 1
Ezekiel 48 Jude 1
Daniel 12 Revelation 22
Hosea 14

Joel 3

Amos 9

Obadiah 1

Jonah 4

Micah 7

Nahum 3

Habakkuk 3

Zephaniah 3

Haggai 2

Zechariah 14

Malachi 4

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