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These studies examine the traditional doctrines held by the Church of Christ to see if they are actually taught in the scriptures. This is not an "anti-Church of Christ" site. I was reared in the Church of Christ and have been preaching since 1968 in the Church of Christ. My desire is that we walk righteously before God, not according to traditions of men.  Bernie Parsons

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Daily Devotions Topical Archive

Denominational Doctrinal Discussions

How To Properly Use My Articles For Bible Study

High Time,

What Is The Church Of Christ?

1916 Census Form

History Of The Church

Calvinism, Campbellism, and the Truth

What's In A Name?

The Church Is Not The Building

Church Assembly

Spirit & Truth

Body & Spirit

Body & Blood

Music in Worship

Retrogressive Change

Five Steps To Salvation

Five Items Of Worship

Collection For The Saints

Distribution Of Wealth

Paying The Preacher

Pattern Of Assistance

Christians & Government

A Weariness Of The Flesh

Doubtful Disputations

Communion & Fellowship


That Which Is Perfect

Greatest Among You

Disagree, Not Disagreeable


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Revival vs. Gospel Meeting

Forsaking The Assembly

The Willful Sin


"I Am Weak, Stop Offending Me!"

Are Dresses Commanded For Women?

Does God Command Men To Wear Long Pants?

Let Her Be Katakalupto

Must All Men Be Free?

Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage

Origins of Sunday School

Rudiments Of The World


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