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Now! Get the Christian Universe Web Site on A CD!

Have you been trying to study the sermons and articles on the Christian Universe Web site, but do not want to be online all the time while doing so?

Now, you can have the Christian Universe on CD! Read and study the articles and sermons without going online! (This is especially useful if you have dial-up Internet, or want to take the CD along to use on your laptop computer.)

The Christian Universe CD is now available for your convenience. If you will email us with your name and complete mailing address, we will send you a copy by mail. We would appreciate it if you could donate $5 per CD to help cover the cost of producing and mailing the CD, which includes supplies as well as postage. If you cannot afford $5, please send what you can. No gift is too small! Your donation will enable us to send copies to those who truly cannot afford to pay.

Costs are involved in maintaining my computer and this Web site, as well as the cost of blank CDs, CD jewel cases, paper, ink, mailing envelopes, and postage.

Donate here:

A donation can be made using your credit card through PayPal, PayPal is a safe and secure service which protects your online transaction. It is used by millions of users on eBay and thousands of other Web sites.

Email us at:

If you do not have a credit card, or do not wish to use it online, email us and we will send our address, and you can send cash (conceal it in folded paper inside the envelope), money order, or personal check. Remember, it is more blessed to give than to receive!

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