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Lists of People, Publications, and Colleges That Shaped The Church Of Christ

May 02, 2007

As you study and research doctrines of the Church of Christ, it is important to understand the players and their influence. Some founded colleges, preached, debated, published periodicals, and wrote books. They shaped the doctrines that we today have been told are held by the "true church". Study to learn that we may strip away the man-made doctrines and observe the practices of the first-century Christians. Bernie Parsons

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Writers, Colleges, and Publications That Influenced Church of Christ Doctrine


by Bernie Parsons


May 02, 2007

Writers and Preachers of the Church of Christ

David Lipscomb
James A. Harding
Austin McGary
J. D. Tant
Tolbert Fanning
H. Leo Boles
F. B. Srygley
C. R. Nichol
K. C. Moser
G. C. Brewer
G. H. P. Showalter
E. G. Sewell
Robert. H. Boll
R. C. Bell
J. D. Thomas
Foy E. Wallace, Jr
Batsell Barrett Baxter
John T. Hinds
R. L. Whiteside
Guy N. Woods
Fanning Yater Tant


Lipscomb University (started as Nashville Bible School)
Abilene Christian College (started as Childers Classical Institute)
Pepperdine University
Freed-Hardeman University


Gospel Advocate
Firm Foundation
Gospel Guardian
Truth Magazine


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