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Donations To Christian Universe, My Personal Ministry

January 16, 2010

Christian Universe is dedicated to promoting the gospel of Christ, touching the hearts of those who are searching for the truth, and encouraging a study of the Bible as the written word of God.  Please support me in this effort.  Bernie Parsons

Donations To Christian Universe


By Bernie Parsons - January 16, 2010



 "I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, Always in every prayer of mine for you all making request with joy, For your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now; Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until  the day of Jesus Christ:"


Philippians 1:3 - 6


I, indeed, not only thank God for those who have joined in supporting the Christian Universe Web site, I rejoice! To date, a few kind and generous people who understand the importance of this Web site have donated to help keep it up and running. Some of the dates are approximate, because I lost track of that precise information.


Donor Name Donation Amount Year Received State Represented
  $    0.00 1998  
  $    0.00 1999  
  $    0.00 2000  
  $    0.00 2001  
  $    0.00 2002  
  $    0.00 2003  
  $    0.00 2004  
  $    0.00 2005  
Dwight Parsons, my brother $  20.00 2006 North Carolina
Dr. Kevin & Wendy Howard $120.00 2007 Kentucky
  $    0.00 2008  
Tom and Gayle Baird $200.00 2009 Texas
Anonymous Christian Couple $  40.00 2009 Kentucky
Anonymous Christian Male $ 240.00 2010 Kentucky
Anonymous Christian Male $  60.00 2011 Kentucky
Tom and Gayle Baird $200.00 2011 Texas
Kernie Parsons, my brother $ 30.00 2012 Kentucky
Christian Male $ 50.00 2012 Florida
Ronald Butler $200.00 2013 Texas
Ronald Butler $200.00 2014 Texas
Mark Kemp $25.00 2014 Oklahoma
Michael Kemp $50.00 2015 Arkansas
Ronald Butler $200.00 2015 Texas
Sandra Hopf $200.00 2015 Indiana
Ronald Butler $200.00 2016 Texas

Any donation above and beyond that required for a particular year's costs will be carried over and used in subsequent years.

Continued Support Needed

 As of 2014, it costs about $156.00 per year for the Web site and another $35 per year to buy the domain name space, a total of $191.00. Any years when donations are not there, or not sufficient, I pay the difference, or the entire amount, out of my own private, and very limited, resources. My first, and most rudimentary, Christian Universe Web site was begun about 1998.

I really can use the help of my brothers and sisters in Christ to maintain this Web site. If you wish to support this important ministry, please let me know. Even if it is $1, or $5, it will help. You may send a check or money order made out to me (please mark it as a donation to Christian Universe) at:

Bernie Parsons
75 Osborne Street
Greenup, KY 41144

Since Christian Universe is not a business entity, but is a personal Web site, checks or money orders must be made out to me personally, NOT to Christian Universe. 

You can also donate using your credit card or PayPal funds, either one, by sending a PayPal payment to

I have encoded it to cut down on spammers stealing the address. In the comments section, write that it is a donation to Christian Universe.

Or, you can just click on the PayPal "Donation" link below:

If you wish me to display your name this supporters' page, I will do so. If not, I will list your donation as anonymous. Let me know how you want it listed. I have many other projects in mind for sending materials to folks who request it. I now offer the entire contents from the Christian Universe Web site on CD. If you want one, please let me know. A donation would be appreciated, but is not mandatory. I will make you a CD and mail it to you regardless of your ability to pay.

For its first seven years, this site has been a one-man labor of love for the Lord, and His wonderful word. I am now asking for others to join me in my efforts. God bless you!

God bless all!

Love, in Christ,

Bernie Parsons


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