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Topical Studies of the Bible

by Bernie Parsons

Below are some links to topical studies that I have done. Use them as tools in your own study of the scriptures. My own understanding evolves as I prayerfully study, grow older, and experience more. This is how we grow in the Lord. Keep an open mind!  Bernie Parsons

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More Detailed Studies

Baptism: Water, Spirit, & Fire

How To Pray

How To Study the Bible

Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John

Revelation Study (Long!)

The Father, The Son, And the Holy Ghost

Salvation: By Grace, Faith, or Works?

What Families Need Today

Words of Encouragement





If you have questions on comments, or wish to study a Bible topic with me, please write me at


Bernie Parsons
75 Osborne Street
Greenup, KY 41144

Phone: 606-473-1455

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Shorter Studies

Keeping the Sabbath

Lost Sheep (Tribes) of Israel

The Greatest of These...

Will We Recognize One Another In Heaven?


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